EXANTE for professional traders – an in-depth review

EXANTE for professional traders – an in-depth review

EXANTE is a broker that has gained acclaim in recent years after expanding steadily for years. It currently has 2 billion USD in total assets under management, and it has won several awards in the past 2 years for its innovative trading solution – their trading platform. With the rise of independent, professional trading, more and more traders are looking for a platform that suits them. In this review, we hope to give an overview of EXANTE and offer our opinion on the broker’s suitability for advanced traders.

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Is EXANTE legit? Reputation and regulations

EXANTE operates worldwide and is regulated by several key countries and regions. This includes the FCA in the UK, the SFC in Hong Kong, the MFSA in Malta, and the CySEC in Cyprus. They cater to clients worldwide, with a global footprint extending across more than 20 locations in the world. They take clients from most countries with exceptions listed on their website, and residents of some other countries will require enhanced due diligence.

Who is EXANTE’s target demographic?

If you are wondering whether EXANTE’s services are suitable for you, you have come to the right place. EXANTE caters exclusively to professional traders, brokers, asset managers, banks, and other financial institutions. They therefore offer both individual and corporate accounts, depending on each person’s professional trading needs.

What financial instruments does EXANTE offer?

Perhaps one of the most popular advantages of EXANTE is that it offers over a million financial instruments across 30+ global financial markets, such as FX, equities (stocks and ETFs), commodities, bonds, options, and futures. This includes the largest exchanges in the world such as the NYSE, the NASDAQ, the HKEX, the ASX, the CBOE, and the CME, amongst many others.

EXANTE offers 50 currency pairs, 40,000+ stocks and ETFs, and precious metals such as gold, silver, copper, platinum, and palladium. They also offer a wide variety of bonds, ranging from corporate to state in Europe and the US. For those who are looking to trade derivatives, this is in my opinion a strength of EXANTE – the ability to trade over 1 million options on several financial markets. They also provide access to 30+ futures exchanges.

EXANTE also states that for those who wish to trade instruments that they do not already offer, traders are welcome to submit requests to their customer support team. If an instrument is available, it will be made accessible in 24 hours. For professional traders, this is a good way to speculate on or trade lesser-known instruments, and it presents an excellent way to diversify one’s portfolio.

What accounts does EXANTE offer?

Designed for professional traders, EXANTE offers two types of live accounts – individual and corporate. Individual accounts start at 10,000 EUR or any currency equivalent, while corporate accounts start at 50,000 EUR or any currency equivalent. All accounts support multi-currency trading.

Following standard protocol, traders can register for an account on the broker’s website. They will then be asked to verify their identity – either with personal or business incorporation documents. Following that, they will be able to fund their account and access the live trading platform.

Demo trading is also available for those who wish to practice their skills or would like to learn more about trading with EXANTE by testing their platform functionality. Demo accounts are equipped with 1,000,000 EUR of virtual funds, and those who wish to toggle between Demo and Live platforms can do so easily. There is also the possibility to reset funds whenever needed. However, one caveat is that demo account holders experience a 30-minute delay of market data when they trade on the demo platform.

Setting up the EXANTE trading platform

The EXANTE trading platform is available through desktop and mobile, and it is supported on Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS (app store), and Android (Google Play Store). It offers clear and comprehensive modules, and all versions of the platform include the account balance, trade activity, real-time market data (for live accounts), position overview, current and historic orders, click-trade, and transaction history overview.

A more detailed guide on how the platform operates is available on the EXANTE website.

EXANTE’s APIs for professional trading

EXANTE offers two APIs for those who wish to trade with more advanced tools – their HTTP API and their FIX API. With the HTTP API, traders can build their own feature-rich apps such as pricing alerts and receive notifications on their phones and tablets.

Traders can also benefit from the opportunity to set up a FIX connection, with LIVE FIX made available for those with over 50,000 EUR (or currency equivalent) in funds. It is a slightly adapted version of the FIX 4.4 protocol, and the FIX connection is free. With this, traders can automate their trading with algorithms, through connections from EXANTE’s hubs in London, Frankfurt, Chicago, or New York once set-up is complete. Set-up typically takes one business day.

Verdict: is EXANTE a good broker for those who wish to trade professionally?

EXANTE lives up to its mission of providing advanced trading technology, particularly thanks to its accessibility to financial markets and how easy it is for traders to automate their trades. Professional traders who wish to execute more complex strategies can do so safely and securely, and overall, the broker is well-regulated by stringent bodies such as the FCA and the SFC, adhering to client fund segregation, and increasing security – making them a good choice for those who wish to trade in large volumes and professionally.